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This page is dedicated to gathering statistics about featured articles, featured article candidates, and related content-review statistics. There are currently 5718 featured articles, and the current percentage of Wikipedia articles that are featured articles is 0.0950%.

Note: Some of the numbers linked to by the historical version do not match the numbers on this page. In such cases, the numbers on this page are correct.


A The discrepancy between articles promoted and demoted in August 2016 is due to Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering being merged into Penn State College of Engineering per Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, thus decremented the FA count by 1 without a FAR-generated demotion.

B The unusually large increase in the number of articles in March 2015 was caused by a maintenance script running for the first time on 29 March. The purpose of the maintenance script was to correct the automatically updated count, which was missing roughly 95,000 articles. Since the maintenance script will run on the 29th of each month from now on, the reported count should stay much closer to the true count. See note for more information.

C The month-end total FAs listed for March 2013 through October 2014 do not match the number listed in this table because of two errors [1] [2] that were found and corrected in November 2014.[3] The numbers in this table are audited and correct; the numbers in the linked diffs at month-end were incorrect.


A graph of the total number of featured articles on the English and German Wikipedias
A graph of the FA proportions on the English and German Wikipedias. The FA proportion = (# featured articles)/(total article count)

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